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May 30, 2018

Get your orders in, Second Chances hike

The pilot and passanger survived this crash

Hello again, 

Sorry to be writing again so soon. Thanks to those who responded with orders after the last email. The weather seems to have taken a turn towards the dry side which means some of the early herbaceous species I sometimes collect in quantity are starting to dry out. If you will be needing Calochortus tolmei (Tolmie's mariposa lily), Claytonia sibirica (candy flower), Delphineum trollifolium (cow poison), Dicentra formosa (bleeding heart), Dodecatheon hendersonii (Henderson's shooting star), Erythronium oregonum (giant fawnlily), Hydrophyllum tenuipes (Pacific waterleaf), Lomatioum columbianum (Columbia desert parsley), Ranunculus uncinatus (woodland buttercup), Tellima grandiflora (fringecup), Tolmiea menziesii (youth on age), Viola glabella (stream violet), Vancouveria hexandra (inside-out flower) or others, please let me know ASAP. It will soon be too late to harvest them.

My helpers are beginning to be available to help with harvesting. They need to know whether they should be looking elsewhere for work or if I will have enough work to keep them busy. I don't like having to tell people I am sold out of species that would have been easy to collect but it doesn't work for me to spend time collecting and cleaning seed that goes un-ordered. The Oemleria cerasiformis (osoberry) crop is good but today will probably be the last day I harvest unless I get word soon to go after more.

I have another desert mountain hike story. It is from last year but I just got the album done. The wildflowers were stunning. We hiked to the very remote site where a Cessna 150 crashed many years ago. The pilot and his passenger survived the crash and hiked many miles down the mountain.

My current list is attached.

If you are one of those who sometimes orders the herbaceous species listed above please let me know. Thank you.

Take care,


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