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Jonny Native Seed (JNS) was founded in 2006 by Jon Anderson. As the owner of Seven Oaks Nursery, he developed a fondness for native plants and worked hard to make a lasting impact on the industry by providing high quality bare root and container plants. When Jon considered selling the nursery, he thought about what to do next and had always loved seed collection. When JNS emerged as a possibility, he decided to sell Seven Oaks and pursue seed collection as a full time retirement gig. Thus Jonny Native Seed began.


Jon recognized the importance of land stewardship and the necessity to provide high quality native seed to vendors all over. As the business grew, he realized that it was once again time to retire but that it was essential that the work continue. In February of 2022, Jon sold the business to Emily Wittkop.


As the new business owner, I would like to express my immense gratitude for this opportunity. I have worked as a native seed collector for half a decade and couldn't imagine doing anything else. Jon has set the foundation for an incredible business that has made a lasting impression on the plant materials industry. I am honored to continue his legacy and to make these valued resources readily available. My hope is to grow this business and to foster seed stewardship in the next generation.

-Emily J. Wittkop


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