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JNS Update 11/13/16

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Shine with love


Greetings,      The collecting season is winding down. The shorter, wetter and cooler days are here. I have just a few species left to finish harvesting. My list for the week has Alnus rhombifolia and rubra (white and red alder), Carex obnupta (slough sedge) and Symphoricarpos albus (common snowberry). And cleaning seed. This will be the first time ever I will have extra Willamette Valley seed source-white alder. The crop is amazing this year. I usually have trouble getting 2 gallons of cones of it, even looking for it in many places. So far this fall I have almost 25 gallons harvested.

Perhaps the list should include mailing some seed off as well. I plan to leave here early Friday morning to make one more trip down to southern California to visit family on the date farm. I probably won't be back home until near the end of November. The only collecting I plan to do on the trip is to gather enough Aesculus californica (California buckeye) to fill orders for 20 lbs of it. (I will get more if you let me know you want some by next Sunday morning.) My current list is attached. If there is anything on the list you will need before I get back, let me know so I can get it sent. There are no species new to the list since the last update but the list is changed due to what has been collected, cleaned and sold since the last update. Species like Garrya elliptica (silk tassel), Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (kinnicinick), Umbellularia californica (California bay laurel) and Euonymus occidentalis (western wahoo) are waiting to be ordered.

I often tell a short story of some observation or experience from my collecting times. This one will be different than usual. I do a lot of driving, going here and there for seed. My eyes are always looking for what is growing but I pay some attention to other vehicles as well. Over these past election season months I noticed something very interesting about presidential political bumper stickers on other cars. I don't recall seeing even one for Hillary Clinton and I saw more Obama/Biden stickers than the couple for Trump/Pence that caught my eyes.

The election results didn't surprise me but they do give me concern. I would encourage us to firmly speak up for what we believe but to do it with kindness and thoughtfulness while at the same time listening to hear what others are saying. We need to engage each other and work to find common ground instead of tear ourselves apart.

I woke up at 1:30 in the morning the night of the election results and couldn't get back to sleep thinking about what might be going through the minds of many due to what, to my way of thinking, was deplorable campaign rhetoric. From news reports people from both sides have been saying and doing bad things to others. If we see injustice and insult towards anyone we need to intervene.

Yesterday I was collecting Arbutus menziesii (madrone) fruit off an elevated dead end road with grand view point of the Corvallis area. I heard a car and looked up from down below the road where I was up on a ladder. I saw the driver was a woman wearing a hijab. I intended to go up and visit with those in the car and get to know them. I planned to give them my business card and tell them to call me if anyone here ever gives them trouble. They drove off before I made it up. Next time I will try to act more quickly. Two of our daughters lived in Indonesia (the world's most populous Muslim-majority country) for two years each. I visited them there. I met kind and good people there. The incendiary talk and emails I see speaking against Muslims is not welcome in my world.

Discussing the election results with my mother she said she, "knows God is in charge" and she is "hopeful that we will all be pleasantly surprised at how things turn out". I hope Mom is right but from today's news reports of who is being chosen to be in charge there seems to be cause for concern for the environment and those I was thinking of at 1:30 a few mornings ago. I know that if good people from diverse ways of thinking don't make an effort to treat others with thoughtfulness and kindness we are in for some deepening darkness. The good news is that light shines brighter in the darkness. Shine with love.

Happy Thanksgiving, Jon

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